Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Free wifi coming to Yekaterinburg trams

Beeline, which operates under Russian mobile operator Vimpelcom, has launched a project to provide free wifi services on Yekaterinburg city trams.

The project was launched in cooperation with the Yekaterinburg city municipality and the local public transport company. Through the program, city trams will be outfitted with wifi routers, providing riders of public transportation with the option of connecting to the internet through their mobile devices, according to TelecomPaper.com.

At the launch of the program, only newer streetcars of the Spectrum model, will be outfitted with the free wifi service. Spectrum trams are manufactured at a factory in Yekaterinburg by Uraltransmash. The actual routers are 3G wifi b260 routers manufactured by Huawei and will be hidden within the central console of each tram, connecting users to the internet through a wireless 3g network, JustAMP.blogspot.com reports

The wifi-enabled trams will be easy to identify, and will be painted with Beeline's corporate logo and colors. The outfitted trams will run on routes that pass through the center of the city with close proximity to schools. These routes include numbers 18, 26, 3, 32, and 21.