Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg officials defend painters

City officials have defended the actions of painters who were recently criticized by New Region communal services for applying new paint on top of layers of dirt and dust.

In Yekaterinburg, painters have been busy doing resurfacing work for the summer season, applying fresh coats of paint to railings and fences for public utilities. During the recent painting, a representative of New Region observed the painters routinely applying fresh coats of paint on top of layers of dirt and dust, which is in violation of the technology standards of the city's Committee on Improvement, according to Mir66.

City officials have acknowledged the painters actions, but have argued that the unconventional painting strategy makes no difference.

"I went there myself to see the painted fence," deputy chairman of the agency to monitor land improvements Yegor Svalov said, according to Mir66. "The truth of the matter is, that a light layer of dust and dirt is okay. Only when you have thick clumps of dirt can you not paint."

The areas where paint was found being applied on top of dirt and dust included the railings of the Malyshev and Decembrist bridges over the River Iset, and the fence separating the tram tracks from pedestrian areas on the main avenue.