Monday, June 25, 2018

Yekaterinburg volleyball team drops out of Super League

The Yekaterinburg volleyball club Emerald Locomotive has been forced to drop out of the Russian Super League after losing to a Chechen team called The Terrible.

The final blow came in the second match of the transitionary series, which is held as a qualifying tournament for participation in the elite national league. Emerald Locomotive did well in the first matchup of the series, winning their first games. The Yekaterinburg team, however, was unable to secure its spot in the Super League after losing its second matchup, according to

The team entered into the second round with confidence, besting The Terrible in the first set 25-18. The Yekaterinburg players' confidence didn't last, and the second match resulted in a solid loss to the Grozny team 18-25. In the decisive third set, Emerald Locomotive started out strong, leading 21-19, only to fall flat at the end of set, losing to The Terrible 23-25. The final round of the game was played as a mere formality, with Yekaterinburg losing 20-25.

Emerald Locomotive had been the strongest team in Russian Division Volleyball for 18 years, but has struggled to remain competitive since it lost the championship title in 2009.