Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kitten declares candidacy

A three-month-old kitten named Bublik will run for a seat in the city legislature of Yekaterinburg during the upcoming March 2013 elections.

"He'd definitely win the vote," spokesman Ivan Kolotovkin said, according to "He's neither left nor right, and will never be affiliated with any party."

Little is known about the white black-nosed tabby's political stances, although sources reveal that the campaign may be run on an anti-neutering platform supporting lower cat food prices, reports.

Bublik's political ambitions were announced over the weekend across social networks, including Vkontakte and Facebook. Between those two networks alone, Bublik has gained more than 200 supporters as of Monday evening with "likes" adding up quickly.

"He's the best because he's the only politician who gives no promises," Kolotovkin said, according to "He mostly keeps silent, you see."

Bublik was inspired to run for office by Hank, an eight-year-old Maine Coon cat who is running for a Senate seat in his native state of Virginia. Hank has already accumulated 21,000 supporters on Facebook after a campaign promise to fight joblessness across the U.S.