Saturday, June 23, 2018

International Children's Music Festival begins in Yekaterinburg

As part of a 30-year-old tradition, the Sverdlovsk region is playing host this week to a children's music festival in Yekaterinburg dubbed "Earth - Our Common Home".

The festival opened up on Friday with a colorful procession involving each of the 14 participating countries, including Austria, Mongolia, Poland, the United States, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Marching through the center of the city from the Cosmos to the Theater of Drama, groups from each country wore traditional folk costumes, sang songs and played instruments from their home countries, according to

The tradition began as a national children's music festival in 1982, with the title "Broad Is My Native Land", but as the festival grew it changed it's title to "Earth - Our Common Home" to include international visitors.

Each year, the festival carries a certain theme.

"This year we decided to dedicate it to pure art, high art," Ludmila Skosirskiy, the director of the Children's Philharmonic, said, according to "Children's creativity can flourish only on a clean planet."

In past festivals, the theme has always related to a topic of global concern, including the fight against terrorism.

The festival will run through Sunday, with the final concert and awards ceremony held at the Yekaterinburg Circus.