Tuesday, June 19, 2018

EXPO 2020 coordination committee holds first meeting

The Industry & Trade Ministry in Moscow hosted the first meeting of the coordination committee established to promote Yekaterinburg's application campaign for EXPO 2020 on Thursday.

The meeting was the first one dedicated to EXPO 2020 and saw several federal agencies, state-run corporations and large businesses representatives attend, EN.URBC.ru reports.

Those in attendance included RU-COM BOD Chairman Mikhail Abyzov, Bank VTB President and Chairman of the Board Andrei Kostin, Head of Russian Government's Press Secretary Dmitri Peskov and President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, among others.

The agenda for the meeting covered a series of topics, including the main stages of the application campaign and looking at the preliminary results of the steps already taken. Those in attendance also talked about state guarantees for the application and how federal agencies can interact more to help support the campaign, according to EN.URBC.ru.

"The coordination committee's performance is meant to stress the fact that Russia's applying for the right to host EXPO 2020 has full state support on both the regional and the federal levels," Acting Industry & Trade Minister Denis Mansurov said, according to EN.URBC.ru. "In trying to join the efforts of all the state ministries and departments as well as those of big business and the general public, we demonstrate the seriousness of our intentions in this campaign."

Additionally, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin, who is also the deputy chair of the coordination committee, said that the meeting is proof that the EXPO is not a regional-project but instead a nationwide event, which will help in the development of Yekaterinburg and Russia's international and foreign economic ties with the rest of the world.