Saturday, June 23, 2018

Paid parking begins at Greenwich Shopping Center

New parking machines and barriers have been installed at the Greenwich shopping center parking lot.

The new pay machines will only affect ground level parking, while the entrance to the underground car park will remain free. Parking prices for the new machines will be announced in May, Mir66 reports.

"Payment is not required for all parking, only for the parking section on the street." Greenwich manager Dmitry Sarapultsev, said, according to Mir66. "Of course, parking fees will be charged only during certain times of the day. The fees have not yet been set, and will be known in May after working out trial runs."

In addition to street parking, the shopping and entertainment center is equipped with a multi-level parking garage with elevator access to the main floors.

The Greenwich shopping center is located at 46 8th Marta St., and contains many popular retail outlets, including Stockmann, Bennetton, Baskin-Robbins and the Titanic movie theater.