Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wi-fi coming to Moscow to Yekaterinburg train route

Wi-fi services will soon be added to some domestic long-distance passenger trains, including the Moscow to Yekaterinburg route.

The Russian passenger railway carrier FPK plans to launch the wi-fi services in July, reports.

The new, paid wi-fi services will initially start on trains for five routes. The routes will be from Moscow to Sochi, Moscow to Samara, Moscow to Kazan, Moscow to Murmansk and St. Petersburg to Nizhny-Novgorod.

Routes that will be added later in the year include Moscow to Adler, Moscow to Yekaterinburg and Moscow to Klimov, according to

FPK is making plans to issue a tender in order to pick the wi-fi operator for the routes.

Currently, there are some carriages of trains on the route from Moscow to St. Petersburg that offer passengers wi-fi services, according to

In 2007, the Golden Telecom company constructed a massive wi-fi network in Moscow for commercial use, which was recognized at the time as the largest urban wireless network in the world.