Sunday, June 17, 2018

Former police officer awarded $17,000

Due to extremely poor conditions in a pre-trial detention center, a former Yekaterinburg police officer was awarded $17,000 from the Finance Ministry and the Federal Penitentiary Service after spending nearly a year in custody.

The plaintiff, a police officer at the time, was detained in March 2007 on suspicion of multiple crimes, and was held over the course of the investigation in sub-par conditions at a pre-trial detention center. Due to an expiry of the statute of limitations, the police closed the case after failing to compile enough evidence of criminal activity, reports.

Upon his release, the former officer filed a lawsuit with a city court, claiming compensation for psychological damage that occurred to him while kept in unsatisfactory conditions. According to the plaintiff, the ward he was kept in was overcrowded and unsanitary. Furthermore, the officer asserted that the detention center broke regulations in forcing him to share quarters with serious offenders.

The court ruling came into force on Tuesday.