Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Vladimir Vlasov voted in as new prime minister of the Sverdlovsk region

Vladimir Vlasov was voted in as the new prime minister of the Sverdlovsk region on Tuesday.

Vlasov won with a majority vote of the Legislative Assembly, which voted 42-6 in Vlasov's favor, reports.

Vlasov replaces former Prime Minister Anatoly Gredin, who was dismissed by Governor Alexander Misharin on Monday. Gredin had held the post since December 2009.

Misharin said that Gredin's replacement is the result of too many unresolved issues in the region, including a lack of kindergartens and problems with housing and communal services, which was a main sticking point for Misharin, who disliked the rise in cost for residents and the decline in the quality of services, according to

Misharin, however, said that Gredin was effective as a crisis prime minister, saving jobs in the region and providing an influx of new investments. He said that Gredin was effective for his time and place.

Misharin nominated Vlasov, a former first deputy prime minister, because he was born in the Sverdlovsk region, has worked their his whole career and was well aware of the region's challenges and opportunities, according to

In his new position, Vlasov will be working with the municipalities to implement large-scale programs that will serve as solutions to the region's problems.

"We have launched a program for the construction of kindergartens and the creation of new places, but ... we are still only in the first third of the way, and time is running out, and here the government frankly does not keep up with the demands of society," Vlasov said, according to