Friday, July 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg Circus closing for repairs

The Yekaterinburg Circus will soon be closed temporarily for repairs.

The final show will be on Sunday, April 22, and the circus will then go on hiatus, reports.

According to spokeswoman Natalya Kazantsev, the repairs will include updating 1,500 seats, from the 11th row through the 18th, and a restructuring of the stairs. New chairs in the first 10 rows have already been installed.

The circus will return with performances in June, though the program has not been determined yet, according

The Yekaterinburg Circus, built in 1980, is a circus building with room for 2,600 spectators, and features a lattice steel dome with a unique shape that makes it a distinctive landmark in Yekaterinburg along the right bank of the Iset river.

Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil, the circus building features an interior decorated with Ural marble. There are two arenas within the complex, the principal arena and one for the rehearsals, and the stage design allows for complicated performances.