Saturday, June 23, 2018

Unknown object falls in Irkutsk region

An unknown object was seen falling from the sky in the mountainous regions of Northern Irkustsk last week.

According to preliminary reports, a luminous object was seen in the sky on Thursday at approximately 10:30 p.m. near the village of Vitim. Residents saw a glow in the sky accompanied by a whistling noise and an explosion, Mir66 reports.

"This morning a delegation traveled to the town's administrative center to interview villagers from Vitim who witnessed the fall of the object," Alexander Sergei, the mayor of the Chui region, said, according to Mir66.

Sergei and other officials traveled to Vitim to see the crash with their own eyes, but were prevented from locating the crash site on account of a strong blizzard.

Many media outlets were quick to connect the incident with North Korea's unsuccessful launch of a communications satellite. The Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsia repudiated those reports, confirming that the North Korean satellite debris did not enter Russian airspace. According to DPRK military reports, fragments from the failed rocket launch landed approximately 200 kilometers off the coast of South Korea.