Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Avina releases new iPhone game

The Yekaterinburg based Avina Social Games has released its first game, From Russia With Love 1.0, designed for iOS devices.

Avina Social Games' intention is to add a spin of Russian humor to a game full of comical characters. It's rules are very straightforward, and the game can be enjoyable in any state of mind. The goal of the app is to prevent the opposing character from drinking a bottle of vodka. For each character, there are 10 different levels, and each gets progressively harder as you advance, according to

"As you proceed in winning, new levels, different personages, credits, variety of beverages for your bar and the hard modes will be unlocked," Avina Social Games said. "All the acquired bonuses and personages are saved and can be used or exploited at anytime. Forget about everything for a while, entertain yourself and have fun."

The game can be bought exclusively from Apple's App Store in the "games" category for $1.99. Avina was founded in Yekaterinburg in May 2010 with the purpose of creating games and applications for Apple devices.