Thursday, July 19, 2018

Water shortages in Yekaterinburg to be resolved

Konstantin Kryuchkov, the minister of natural resources of the Sverdlovsk region, unveiled a plan on Monday to solve water shortage problems by 2020.

The problem lies with the current Upper and Makarov Volchihinskogo reservoirs located on the river Chusovaya, which have not been able to be completely filled for the past four years. Other water sources, including the Nyazepetrovsk cascade in the Chelyabinsk region and the Revdinskiy reservoir have been insufficient in remedying the shortage, according to Mir66.

The solution involves investing more than $300 million into the construction of new reservoirs, the design of which should take approximately three years.

"Designing, unfortunately, takes quite a long period of time. This is due not so much with the design of the reservoir as a tract of submission - it is quite long and will be different for different land owners. Here the land issue still can play a role," Kryuchkov said, according to Mir66.

Construction of the new reservoirs is expected to take four to five years, and funding will be split between the federal government and regional budgets. According to the head of the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Natural Resources, the federal government will cover 70 percent and the regional governments will pay the remaining 30 percent, Mir66 reports.