Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kangaroo defeats three boxers in Yekaterinburg

Charlie Kangaroo, a kangaroo from a Moscow circus, defeated three professional boxers in a makeshift ring at a circus in Yekaterinburg.

Charlie is seven years old and has pervious boxing experience, reports.

According to Natalia Kazantseva, the spokesperson for the circus, Charlie has a peculiar form of boxing, where he knocks his rivals with his hind legs while getting in front to grab the opponent and knock them down.

Charlie was able to win each of his three matches, despite each of the three boxers possessing a different style of boxing, according to

According to Kazantseva, however, the three boxers did not use all their strength in their fights with Charlie.

The idea of a boxing kangaroo originated in Australia from the animal's defensive behavior, in which it will use its smaller forelegs to hold an attacker in place while using the claws on its larger hind legs to try to kick, slash or disembowel them. This stance gives the impression that the kangaroo appears to be "boxing" with its attacker.

The boxing kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia, frequently seen in popular culture. Australian spectators at sporting events often display the symbol prominently, at such events like cricket, tennis and football matches, and at the Commonwealth and Olympic games.