Wednesday, June 20, 2018

UMMC Yekaterinburg outfoxes Spartak St. Petersburg

The Yekaterinburg Basketball Club UMMC women's team defeated Spartak St. Petersburg 91 to 67 this weekend during the second round of the quarterfinal series of the women's Russian Championship.

The top scorer of the game was French national Sandrine Gruda of UMCC, who scored 24 points in the game, according to

Gruda was recruited by UMCC in 2008 from the WNBA's Connecticut Suns, and is the starting center for the French national team. In 2006, she was voted the European young women's player of the year.

The match closes out the series 2-0, sending the Foxes on to the semifinals, reports.

The first match was held on April 5, where UMCC also proved itself the stronger team, easily defeating Spartak 72-50. The Ural club will go on to play the winner of the match between Dynamo Kursk, and Spartak Noginsk in the semifinals, which will be held on April 13.

UMMC has won the last three Russian League championships for a combined total of five titles, making it the most successful active team in the league.