Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Underground fiber optic cables could cost $34.3 million

In a meeting of the Association of the Ural Operators, members discussed the coordination of efforts to transfer fiber optical cables underground and decided to pause their efforts to determine the costs of the project.

It is estimated that the cost of such a project would be $34.3 million.

Mark Markov, the chairman of the Communications and Information Technology Committee, said that due to the various delegations and international events the city hosts and will host in the future, the cables must be hidden underground to improve the city's aesthetic appearance, reports.

According to Sergey Sliva, the general director of Erlang, getting proper approval for the underground system, the design, manufacturing and installation the cable ducts could take a minimum of 24 months. Sliva said that there is currently 26,220 feet worth of fiber optic lines that is supposed to be removed by October.

Damages to the current cable systems have led to a deterioration of communication service quality and, in one incident near a bank, thousands were paid late due to a damaged cable.

Five years ago, the city of Yekaterinburg had 100,000 households connected to the internet, which has grown by five times since then. To keep up with the growth of technology, the city may need to come up with a plan soon to meet its self-imposed deadlines, reports.