Tuesday, January 23, 2018

UralEnergoStroyKompleks to build new school in Yekaterinburg

UralEnergoStroyKompleks announced this this week that it will build a new school in the Academic residential area.

The new school will be built for the upcoming 2012 school year, and will include swimming pools and elevators, MIR96.ru reports.

The company won the tender for the school last year and will build the 10,249 square meter facility on Khokhryakova Street.

The first school in Academic, also built by UralEnergoStroyKompleks, opened in 2011 and totaled 17,660 square meters. It is one of the many public facilities the company has built recently, according to MIR96.ru.

Last year, the company built a house in Barrow for the FSB, rehabbed infrastructure at the nunnery in Turinsk and restored the Kileyny building area, which totaled 2,000 square meters.

"Our plans for the future [is] to continue working on state and municipal orders, not only in Yekaterinburg but in other regions and cities," Igor Plaksin, the director of UralEnergoStroyKompleks, said, according to MIR96.com.