Wednesday, May 23, 2018

UMMC Yekaterinburg falls to Ros Casares

Ros Casares defeated UMMC Yekaterinburg on Wednesday in the EuroLeague Final Eight women's basketball competition by a score of 62-49.

UMMC Yekaterinburg was plagued by an injury to playmaker Sue Bird during the warm-ups that caused her to miss the game, as well as 25 turnovers. The game was close at halftime but a pair of three pointers by Lauren Jackson of Ros Casares helped to carry the team to victory, reports.

An all-around team effort by Ros Casares and a poor three point shooting performance by UMMC Yekaterinburg contributed to the 13 point victory.

The injury to UMMC Yekaterinburg's top point guard caused the team to change its game plan and, as a result, the team struggled offensively. The team scored just eight points in the first quarter and only 20 points in the first half. Ros Casares led 33-20 at the half and came out with a massive 24-6 run to start the second half. At 49-26, the game was practically over and Ros Casares simply limited damage for the rest of the contest.

"I think a lot because I felt like the team was really stressed during the game," Sandrine Gruda, a player with UMMC Yekaterinburg, said, according to "And seeing that our best point guard on the team leaving because she had a broken nose, I think that affected the team negatively."