Friday, July 20, 2018

Sverdlovsk students take home top prizes at Archimedes-2012

A group of students from the Sverdlovsk region recently took part in "Archimedes-2012," the XV Anniversary International Salon of Inventions and Innovations.

The Sverdlovsk team, made up of five students from Yekaterinburg, Irbit and Kachkanar, won two gold and three silver medals and special prizes, reports.

Stepan Tarasov won the gold medal for his new method of making flash cards, which have a special apparatus for gasoline rations. The unit consists of welded non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper and alloys. With the use of steamers, standard large capacity drives can be modified for both inside and outside use.

Evgeny Shabalin was awarded the gold for a folding bike intended for use on business trips around the city. The small size bike can be folded and then put into a working form within a minute, according to

Elizabeth Bunkova received money for equipment for a set of multi-functional travel gear, which includes trousers that unfold with the flick of the wrist and can also become shorts, as well as a sleeping bag that can be converted into a hammock or a tent.

Artem Ismagilov took home a silver medal for a MES-terrain wheeled vehicle with a pair of cams mounted on a car, which will allow a stuck car to be pulled free, according to

All of the students are enrolled in technical classes at the Yekaterinburg Palace of Youth and resource centers