Friday, June 22, 2018

Robbers steal more than $100,00 from Funny Price store

Four unidentified robbers with weapons stormed into a store in the Sverdlovsk region called Funny Price on Monday and stole the daily receipts, which totaled approximately $103,343.10.

According to the press service of Valery Gorelykh, the chief minister of police, the armed attackers wore masks and broke into the store Funny Price, which is located on 8th of March Street. The robbers threatened the employees of the store and stole the money, reports.

"According to preliminary data, there were no customers in the store at that moment," Gorelykh said, according to

An operational investigative police team arrived on the scene in addition to an experienced canine unit. The investigation into finding the thieves will be handled by the leadership of the regional police. If caught, the criminals will be prosecuted under Article 162 of the Criminal Code, which can sentence robbers to 15 years in prison.