Tuesday, June 19, 2018

ATMs in Yekaterinburg giving fake banknotes

Banks in Yekaterinburg are currently investigating the apparent stuffing of ATMs with fake money in the form of tickets meant to look like 500 ruble banknotes.

The flyers look like regular 500 ruble banknotes but include small print that states that using the leaflet for payment is punishable by law. When Irina Neuimin, a news correspondent, withdrew 6,900 rubles, or approximately $237 dollars, from an ATM, she was later told she could not pay with one of the bills at a store. The bill was one of the forged leaflets, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

"There (has) been an internal investigation," a bank representatives said, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda. "In particular, carefully studied by recording cash center space, where the laying of cash in the cassette, which are then installed in the ATM. All bills before laying in the drawer was counted and verified both manually and using special equipment. Showed no violations in the ATM, as well as shortage or surplus of money in it. Based on these facts, the bank denies the possibility of getting counterfeit bills in the ATM. Given that, according to the applicant, a counterfeit bill was found not just at the time of the withdrawal of cash, and a little later, it is appropriate to assume that the bill could go to the client from other sources."

Neuimin did not retain her receipt and, as a result, she is out 500 rubles, or approximately $17.22.

Others have experienced the same issue in the last two weeks in Yekaterinburg with three or four fake bills discovered. Police in Yekaterinburg are currently attempting to determine who has been stuffing the fake bills into the ATMs.