Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Two bloggers attacked each other in Yekaterinburg this week

Two well-known bloggers attacked each other in the center of Yekaterinburg this week.

Plato Mamatov and Jaroslav Shirshikovym were involved in a fight at the office of Duma Deputy Leonid Volkov, reports.

According to Volkov, Mamatov entered the office of Business Services, grabbed a knife and attacked Shirshikovym. The reason for the fight is believed to stem from an article Mamatov wrote about Shirshikovym regarding the recent presidential elections and the heated arguments that the two engaged in over the internet.

Mamatova, however, said that incident occurred as a result of Shirshikovym provoking him into a fight in the office. Mamatova said that he visited the office to begin paper work to start a new business when Shirshikovym insulted him and instigated the attack, according to

Mamatova also said that Shirshikovym's accounts of the attack are a "blatant lie," and that if he had attacked Shirshikovym with a knife that Shirshikovym would be in the morgue.

Staffers in the office called the police soon after the fight started, and bother bloggers were detained and later released from Police Station Number 7, according to