Tuesday, June 19, 2018

FIFA to evaluate Yekaterinburg on May 14

Buy cheap viagra soft-Russia2018bidlogo.svg_1.png" alt="" width="220" height="181" />FIFA personnel will visit Yekaterinburg on May 14 for an inspection to help determine how the city would handle the World Cup if chosen as a host city.

The visit will include inspections of the city's airport, the stadium or the place of its construction, the city center and the presentation of the application, according to OblGazeta.ru.

A schedule of activities for the selection procedure will also take place and will include technical seminars and public opinion polls. A regional council will be established to help prepare for the inspection.

According to Leonid Rapoport, the Minister of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy in the Sverdlovsk region, the preliminary list is now at 13 cities and Yekaterinburg is considered to likely be among the top five, along with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Kazan. Rapoport said that Yekaterinburg has a competitive advantage, which includes the Koltsovo Airport.

While at a seminar in Moscow, the delegation gave a detailed presentation addressing FIFA's selection criteria. The criteria include submitting an application and addressing the risks that may arise in a particular city; presenting the provisions of the infrastructure, the level of socio-economic development, the availability of programs for the development of physical culture and sport and the attitude of the citizens; presenting the investment program for the preparation for the championship, the potential for the construction industry and the level of football in the area; and an elaboration on projects for the construction or reconstruction of stadiums, according to OblGazeta.ru.

Additionally, to give a glimpse of what hosting the World Cup might be like, a "Fan Zone" will be set up in set up in 2016 during the next continental championship.

A large screen will be constructed in the historic square of Yekaterinburg for people to watch broadcasts of the matches, and organizers will get the chance to see how volunteers will deal with fans, according to OblGazeta.ru.