Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Couple found dead after two weeks in Yekaterinburg apartment

An elderly couple living in an apartment on Old Bolsheviks Street in Yekaterinburg was found dead on Wednesday.

The woman was partially paralyzed and her husband had been taking care of her. Two weeks ago, letters began to pile up in the couple's mailbox but it wasn't until an odor began to flood the staircase that neighbors called the police, Nightly News reports.

The police took a statement from the neighbors but did not get to the building for a few days. When the police arrived, they could not find anyone to open the apartment. The neighbors finally knocked on the door of the apartment. Upon opening it, neighbors found a woman with no signs of life. The woman appeared to have been dead for days if not weeks.

When police came to investigate, they found the corpse of an elderly man sitting in the kitchen. There were no signs of foul play and it appeared that the couple died a natural death. The police sealed off the apartment after making all of the necessary arrangements, according to Nightly News.

A tenant who had forgotten something in the apartment then opened the door, which was left ajar. The smell flooded the building completely at that point.

A neighbor couple said that an elderly man had died on the same floor in his apartment a few months ago but had been found much earlier than the other couple because he had relatives.