Friday, June 22, 2018

Report reveals deficits in Yekaterinburg school lunch programs

The Yekaterinburg prosecutor's office has reviewed school canteen kitchens in Yekaterinburg and found that in some schools the meals often do not meet sanitary requirements or have proper nutritional value.

In addition, some schools do not create the menu a few days in advance as is required by law. In one school, the diet did not meet the approved guidelines and there were labeling issues in the kitchen, reports.

In the secondary school N 165, goulash was kept in a tank marked Boiled Vegetables while liver was kept in a tank labeled Drinks. Products such as sausages, butter, chicken, milk and meat were stored without proper refrigeration.

The weight of a la carte dishes such as beef patties and baked fish did not correspond with the output specified in the menus, the report reveals. Raw meat and cooked meat were stored in one container and the same foods were used for multiple days in a row.

There were similar issues in secondary schools N 163, N 17, N 71, N 60, N 73, N130, N108, N177, N87, N86 and N4. The district prosecutor submitted 11 allegations and issued 18 orders to start an administrative case. The penalties could include fines and administrative suspensions.

Vyacheslav Petrov, the city prosecutor, made a presentation to the head of school administration of Yekaterinburg, demanding that the administrator take effective measures to protect the lives, health and rights of minors, according to