Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Monument to be erected in honor of the Lumière brothers

Yekaterinburg will build a monument to the Lumière brothers, who are considered the first filmmakers in history.

Scheduled for late August, the unveiling ceremony will happen at the same time as the 289th anniversary of the city's foundation, RUVR.ru reports.

In early 1895, Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the "cinématographe," a device that combined a camera with a printer and a projector. The device was patented later that year.

The first-ever footage to have been shot using the newly invented device was screened on March 22, 1895. This first film showed workers leaving the Lumière factory, according to RUVR.ru.

The ceremony will be held amid festivities dedicated to Russian Cinema Day, which commemorates Aug. 27, 1919, when V.I. Lenin signed a decree about the nationalization of the cinematograph, which established the Russian filmmaker's holiday.

The birth of the Russian cinema is considered to be on Oct. 15, 1908, when the first Russian feature film, "Ponizovaya Volnitsa," directed by Vladimir Romashkov, was premiered to a Russian audience.