Friday, June 22, 2018

Community members discussing moving Yekaterinburg Zoo

Members of the Yekaterinburg community met on Wednesday to actively discuss moving the Yekaterinburg Zoo away from the city center as Renova Stroygroup agreed to provide a new zoo platform.

Renova previously expressed interest to move the zoo in 2008, promising 20 hectares for land animals, but the management plan was shelved. The initiators are now looking to get back down to business with the proposal, IPA reports.

The press service of the zoo still considers any move out of the question.

"Talking about the move took place a long time ago, but so does not have ended," the zoo's press agency said, according to IPA. "Therefore, we do not exactly moving. In general, relocation will require tremendous work and can cause serious damage to the collections of the zoo, which is one of the best in Russia. In the future, for 5-10 years, probably, can have a conversation about the zoo's opening branches in other parts of Yekaterinburg, but certainly not about moving from the center of the zoo ."

In other zoo news, Ted, a red wolf at the zoo, has been named Mr. Zoo 2012 after winning a special contest. Ted will be presented with special food and his enclosure will be marked with the Mr. Zoo 2012 sign, Russia IC reports.