Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Secretary-general of the International Bureau of Exhibitions supports Yekaterinbug's Expo2020 bid

Vicente Loscertales, the secretary-general of the International Bureau of Exhibitions, said on Monday that Yekaterinburg would be ideal for the Expo2020 world exposition.

Loscertales was accompanied by Alexander Misharin, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, during a visit to the city for the consideration of hosting the major event. Loscertales visited the International Yekaterinburg Exhibition Center JSC, which is a potential site for the exhibition, Baku Today reports.

Misharin said that there is a large amount of undeveloped land near the Koltsovo International Airport and that with or without the exhibition, there will be a more modern built-up area in the location. The land is near the airport, close to a railway line and in proximity of a major highway. Loscertales said that the remoteness from other major cities would give the exhibition more flexibility for planning.

Loscertales said that Yekaterinburg had a clear understanding for the concept of hosting the show and that areas that could be built for the exhibition would properly demonstrate the further development of the urban environment. The secretary-general said that Expo2020 allows for close cooperation between public authorities businesses and other levels of authority, Baku Today reports.

Misharin thanked Loscertales for the visit and called the secretary-general's arrival a milestone in the campaign to get Russia ready for the exhibition.