Monday, June 18, 2018

Head of Yekaterinburg's Central Park fine for administrative proceedings violation

Vladimir Chermeninovu, the head of Central Park in Yekaterinburg, has been issued a $10,235 fine as a result of a violation of administrative proceedings.

According to the press service of the Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region, nine contracts were handled and completed by Yekaterinburg's Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Recreation between May and June, reports.

The total amount of contracts, however, exceeded $13,668, which means that the law that requires all orders to be placed for the goods for the community was violated.

When the amount of a contract is in excess of $3,417, the customer is then obliged to bid or request a quote, according to

Due to the violation, official protocol requires that the director of the organization, in this case Chermeninovu, be the one who is fined for the illegal action.