Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Waste management experts developing landfill project for Yekaterinburg

Waste management experts are developing a project for the creation of a municipal solid waste landfill in Yekaterinburg, which would be Russia's first world-class high-tech complex to recycle municipal waste.

Negotiations are currently ongoing between Russian and European financial and development institutions to determine the support of the project. The project has been approved by the scientific and technical council of the Sverdlovsk regional government and an interagency working group for the Sverdlovsk region on consumption and waste production.

Preliminary estimates for the facility state that it could process 400,000 metric tons of waste per year and extract 120,000 metric tons of secondary resources like glass, waste paper, metals and polymers. In addition, the facility could extract approximately 60,000 metric tons of inert construction materials like slag, fly ash, ceramic and sand. The facility could also annually produce 153,000 tons of alternative solid fuels along with electric and thermal energy.

The recycling complex would consist of the launch of cogeneration plants to produce energy of up to six MW using the landfill gas from the solid waste landfill, the start of a processing facility to sort waste, recycle and produce energy, the creation of a research center for testing and development techniques, equipment and technologies, and the establishment of a center for developing environmental education and training specialized personnel.

The project, currently called Ural NOOSPHERA, could be used as a model to create similar programs for the recycling of household waste throughout the Sverdlovsk region and Russia.