Saturday, July 21, 2018

Vladimir Burmatov appointed deputy head of the Burmatova Urals Interregional Coordination Council

Vladimir Burmatov has been appointed deputy head of the Burmatova Urals Interregional Coordination Council.

Burmatova's jurisdiction will be the "ideological representation" of the party in power in the Ural Federal District, which is rumored to be United Russia, reports.

According to Burmatov, United Russia is actively changing and doing it quite deliberately. The purpose of the changes is to make the party more mobile and modern, and to increase efficiency in the interests of voters. A large role will be given to the media to help search for new ideas, meanings, new rhetoric, newsmakers and more. Burmatov said that this is the work he will be doing in the Ural Federal District.

Burmatov also said that one of his main priorities is to build relationships with the media party and give people who always have something to say a chance to make an interesting comment.

Additionally, Burmatov said that the party must have an active presence on the internet.

"Something was done in this direction, but the party must not only be presented on the web, it should be interesting to be there," Burmatov said, reports. "They should be in their online audience, and act naturally and effectively. We will work to improve the quality of party presence on the web in general, and social networks."

Overall, Burmatov has confidence that the United Russia with the Urals will work. A native of the Ural region, having lived in the Chelyabinsk region for 25 years, Burmatov worked in the regional United Russia until his move to Moscow and knows the strengths of the parties well and the people with whom to work with.