Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cross-county ski racing regional championship to be held at Nizhneisetskay

The regional championship in cross-country ski racing will take place on Saturday, March 17, and Sunday, March 18, at Nizhneisetskay.

Hundreds of skiers, both young and old, will venture to the Sverdlovsk region for the last ski competition of the season, reports.

Three hundred participants will compete for six sets of medals in the sprint races, individual races and a 30-kilometer race. Among the competitors in the 30-kilometer race is Yevgeny Dementiev, an Olympic Gold medal winner in 2006.

Additionally, Ivan Alyp will compete in the 10-kilometer classical style race, according to

In conjunction with the race will be a 50th anniversary celebration of Nizhneisetskay, the oldest ski center in the Sverdlovsk region. The championship will be dedicated to the founders of the ski center, Karjakin Vladimir Ivanovich and senior coach of the Youth Academy Gennady Alexandrovich.

The event at Nizhneisetskay will be the last one before the national championship of skiing at Tyumen from March 23 through March 30.