Saturday, July 21, 2018

Citizens to hold rally against the reconstruction of the Yekaterinburg Passage

Citizens of Yekaterinburg will host a rally against the reconstruction of the shopping center known as the Yekaterinburg Passage on March 24 near the building starting at 2 p.m..

The reconstruction of the building started on March 8. Opponents of the shopping center project recommend preserving the area as a historic site. The construction is scheduled for completion in 2016, BakuToday reports.

Some citizens in Yekaterinburg support the construction project and an internet petition for the shopping center has collected 757 signatures. An authorized representative of President Yevgeny Kujvasevu supports the project and invited Yekaterinburg authorities to hold public hearings about the construction.

The building project has presented some problems, as the area is currently surrounded by so much disrepair that it requires the latest technology to preserve worker safety. When the construction crews opened the roof of the building, it became obvious that the load-bearing structures of the building had rotted, reports.

Those in support of the project envision the property becoming a multifunctional commercial property with an underground parking deck, a cafe, a bowling alley and a cinema. Other plans include a fountain, a park and a greenery. The Town Planning Board of Yekaterinburg, which includes builders and professionals, met about the project this week.