Friday, June 22, 2018

Sverdlovsk regional government takes over Yekaterinburg Passage construction

The Sverdlovsk regional government has taken control of the building upgrade of the Yekaterinburg Passage.

A commission was founded to start working on reconstructing the former building of the Commodity Exchange. The building was built on behalf of Governor Alexander Misharin in an effort to monitor compliance with the law and to execute acts of cultural and state expertise, reports.

The building is currently surrounded by so much disrepair that it is unsafe to build on. When the roof was opened, it became apparent that the load-bearing structures had rotted. The builders will use the latest technology to construct a 17 meter deep underground parking area and to add multifunctional capabilities.

The committee met to discuss the preservation of the greenery in the area, which will be accomplished by planting young trees and through a comprehensive improvement of the park. Members of the committee include experts from the regional ministries of culture and tourism, natural resources, architecture and construction. It also includes heads of departments and committees of the Yekaterinburg administration.

Before beginning the project, the developer must get expert opinions from the town planning board, which includes builders and professionals. Members of the committee had questions related to the structural integrity of the neighboring buildings and the cultural heritage of the area.