Friday, June 22, 2018

Housing prices in Yekaterinburg expected to drop

According to the analytical department of the Ural Chamber of Real Estate, the price-per-square-meter of housing in Yekaterinburg has increased two to three percent year-to-year, though prices may decrease after the summer.

House prices in Yekaterinburg increased by an average of 16 percent to about $2,247 per square meter. Studio apartments rose in value 21.4 percent from year to year while one-bedroom apartments went up 18.3 percent per square meter, reports.

Novosel estimated slightly lower increases and commented on the rise in prices from year to year.

"In monetary terms, of course, the most expensive apartments in the center - from 70 thousand rubles," Sergei Menshenin, the head of research at Novosel, said, according to New Region. "In second place - Botanical District, there is now the meter housing is more than 69,000, the third largest bus station and the EID, where prices fluctuate around 67,000 rubles."

While most housing purchases have been made near the center of the city, there have been more sales in remote areas as well.

"In Yekaterinburg can not be called the most popular among the customers area," Guram Tukhashvili, an expert from the analytical department of the Ural Chamber of Real Estate, said, according to "Everybody is trying to acquire a 'compromise' house: (one that is) not too far from the center and can be reached easily to work, and not too expensive. Under such features fall flat in 1-2 zone pricing. With regard to high-end housing, as such elite areas in the city. Of course, the complexes are being built in the center of luxury, but they are not allocated to the regions. Here are buying house wealthy people, a very high price segment. "

Experts predict that the number of transactions will fall after the summer, leading to a drop in prices in the real estate market.