Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sixty-nine road repair projects planned for Yekaterinburg

A total of 69 road repair projects are scheduled for the city of Yekaterinburg for the spring and summer.

According to Tamara Blagodatkova, the chairman of the city's Improvement Committee, the streets scheduled for repair include the street from the Volgograd Bright Seraphim Deryabina to the streets Krestinsky and Shcherbakova, reports.

Repairs are also scheduled for sidewalks and curbs, and in some areas there will be repairs on tram tracks, including Chelyuskintsev near the bridge over the Iset River, and on the streets of March 8, Kuibyshev and Malyshev.

Some streets will be repaired with materials like crushed stone-mastic asphalt road and cutters. At all roads being repaired, side stones will be decreased for the convenience of low mobile populations, such as wheelchairs, according to

An auction will be held in April for the repair work, after which the city administration will determine the schedule for the construction.

A total of 454,000 square meters of road will be repaired and the cost is expected to be no less than $16.9 million, according to