Thursday, July 19, 2018

Gas boiler explodes at the Nizhny Tagil Pristrom shopping center

A gas boiler exploded in the boiler room in the Nizhny Tagil Pristrom shopping center on Monday.

The explosion in a privately owned warehouse caused the collapse of a 15-meter high wall, broke multiple windows and damaged doors, though no injuries were reported, reports.

According to spokesperson Valeria Gorelykh of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk region, police and emergency specialists immediately responded to the scene, along with first aid workers and a fire brigade, who were able to contain the fire that broke out over an area of 12 square meters.

The cause of the explosion is thought to be a gas leak and the closure of wiring, though there is also speculation that possible violations of the operation of gas equipment could be to blame as well, according to

This is not the first explosion in the Sverdlovsk region since the beginning of the year. On Feb. 8, an explosion occurred during the dismantling of tanks for oil storage at a farm in Serov. The explosion killed a 30-year-old welder, while a 21-year-old man sustained an open head injury.

That same evening, an explosion occurred in the village of Bulanash Artemovsky's urban district. The explosion occurred in a three room apartment and two people were seriously injured, according to