Saturday, July 21, 2018

New bus routes to open into Yekaterinburg's Academic neighborhood

New bus routes will open soon in the Academic neighborhood of Yekaterinburg.

Bus routes 42, 46 and 012 will now stop in the neighborhood, with the last stop located at the intersection of Krasnolesie and de Gennin, reports.

According to the mayor's office, the reason for establishing the bus routes in the southwestern part of the Leninsky district is that the number of people there continues to grow.

"Given this fact, the city public transport routes [will] extend deep into the neighborhood," a city administrator said, reports. "Thus, after 800 meters from the existing stop at the intersection of streets and de Gennin Shamanov will be final. It will be extended up to 012, 42 and 46 routes."

The construction of a light rail system and running a trolley through the area are also being discussed. The trolley is now a big question because of the rumors of a possible dissolution of the October trolley depot that may hinder adjustment and maintenance, which has been a problem with the Academic posts.

Residents in the Academic neighborhood have lodged complaints for some time about the failure of promises to bring high-speed traffic through the area, which company-developer Renova Stroy Group promised at the start of construction.