Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Six-year-old girl breaks her spine at SC Utkus

A six-year-old girl broke her spine riding a roller coaster at SC Uktus in Yekaterinburg last week.

The girl received a compression fracture to vertebrae five and six. She was taken to Children's hospital in Yekaterinburg 9, where she is currently in stable condition, reports.

According to Deputy Chief Medical Officer in Surgery of VSD 9 Igor Ogarkov, the girl will spend approximately two weeks in the hospital, while a full recuperation of the spine can take up to one year.

Officials at SC Uktus are refusing to comment about the incident, according to

In July 2010, 10 people at a theme park ride in St. Petersburg were left hanging in mid-air. The riders were left hanging 70 meters above ground after one of two cables holding the ride in the air snapped and nearly killed them. It took rescue crews more than an hour to save the riders from the Space Rocket, according to