Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Danone-Unimilk becomes sole shareholder in OJSC Yekaterinburgskiy Gorodskoy Molochny Zavod number one

Danone-Unimilk, the French food giant Danone's extension into Russia, has increased its stake in two local dairies.

The new venture means that Danone-Unimilk is now he sole shareholder in OJSC Yekaterinburgskiy Gorodskoy Molochny Zavod no. 1, a dairy in the central city of Yekaterinburg, Just-Food.com reports.

Additionally, Danone-Unimilk increased its stake in Kingisepp Dairy, a plant based in northwestern Russia, from 23.3 percent to 65.6 percent.

According to a spokesperson, Unimilk initiated the deal before its merger with Danone's Russian unit. Danone-Unimilk wants to start production of national brands at the Yekaterinburg plant and increase the output of baby products at the site, which makes dairy products for all ages, according to Just-Food.com.

Details on the Kingisepp Dairy are still being developed and there are no plans to publicize them.

Currently, Danone-Unimilk has approximately 30 production plants in Russia, according to Just-Food.com.

Danone-Unimilk was formed in 2010 when Danone merged its Russian operations with Unimilk.