Friday, June 22, 2018

Vladimir Kritsky resigns

Vladimir Kritsky, the deputy head of administration of Yekaterinburg, has resigned.

Kritsky's departure from office could be the results of numerous tests, as well as a criminal investigation of illegal acceptance of the cottages in the village of the south Sverdlovsk region, reports.

Police have confirmed that Kritsky's term has brought about many questions. They say that tests have been conducted on the applications of different developers who were allegedly infringed upon by Kritsky's office.

Kritsky's actions have raised questions about transactions involving land plots. No cases have been initiated, either because the violations were too small or because the examination did not confirm the conclusions of the investigators. Kritsky, however, can still be implicated, according to

According to a source to the newspaper "Kommersant," it is possible that Kritsky will be one of the defendants for the illegal acceptance of the cottages in the village of the southern Sverdlovsk region.

At a press conference, Kritsky said that he is resigning because he has fulfilled all the job's objectives and he now wants to return to business associated with construction, according to