Saturday, June 23, 2018

Conference held on electricity consumption in the Sverdlovsk region

A municipal conference was recently held to discuss electricity consumption in the Sverdlovsk region.

It was at this conference that Minister of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of Sverdlovsk region Nikolai Smirnov said that the volume of electricity consumption for residents of apartment buildings cannot and should not constitute more than 30 percent of total consumption on individual meter readings, reports.

During February, however, representatives conducted more than 60 checks of residences in the area, with multiple places currently under investigation for violations. According to Smirnov, there are enterprising people who manage to connect their apartment to electricity, bypassing individual unit accounting.

Alexander Misharin, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, issued a decree saying that growth of non-payment of citizens for utility bills in 2012 relative to 2011 was audited. Unreasonable rates were found in the Artinskian and Achitskom urban districts. After the intervention by the Ministry of Energy and Housing, solutions to increase the tariffs for housing services have been canceled, according to

The conference played host to representatives from management companies, boards of apartment buildings and committees of active citizens who also discussed a number of other urgent problems related to the payment for heat and electricity.

What was taken from the meeting is that people are unhappy with the fact that management companies are insulated from homeowners, according to

First Deputy Head of the State Housing Inspection of the Sverdlovsk region Schepelin Anton said that the number of complaints against management companies is growing year to year. In 2010, the Regional Housing Inspectorate received 5,000 complaints, and in 2011 there were 10,000.