Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ice race rematch with Australia held in Yekaterinburg

Buy cheap levitra" alt="" width="220" height="158" />Australia's ice racing rematch with Russia was held last week in Yekaterinburg, with Russia claiming victory.

The Russian rematch was conceived as a sequel to the larger Swedish-based European ice-racing contest, which took place in 2011 in a 21 strong fleet of MX-5s during minus 20-degree temperatures, reports.

The defeat came on a challenging course after the Australian car spun out with a lap remaining. The Australian team consisted of six Australian journalists who had to face off against 12 Russians plucked from a field of 25. Each team had three drivers in each car.

As with the original Mazda Ice Race, the event was designed to take the world's most popular convertible out of its "comfort zone" while demonstrating its "fun-to-drive appeal," according to

Top speeds were limited to approximately 55 mile per hour and grip was almost non-existent on the frozen lake that was coated in solid ice.