Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fifteen pound baby born in Sverdlosvk region

A baby boy weighing more than 15 pounds and measuring 24 inches was born in Altai this week.

The baby, named Roman, was born to 42-year-old Svetlana Protasova and is her seventh son, reports.

Protasova gave birth without the aid of cesarean section in 20 minutes. A total of seven doctors took part in the delivery. She and Roman are both doing well and are waiting to be discharged.

"This is an unusual event for our department," a spokesperson from the hospital said, according to

Protasova said the event was a joyous occasion for her already large family. The weight and length of the baby, though, were a bit of a surprise. All of Protasova's other children were smaller and weighed less. She says that Roman, in his first few days of life, weighs as much as a normal child in its first eight months.