Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sverdlovsk region governor removes Zherebtsov from his position

Minister of Construction Region Michael Zherebtsov has been removed from his position by decree of governor of the Sverdlovsk region Alexander Misharin.

Zherebtsov was stripped of his job due to the housing problems in the area that included the expensive commissioning of two million square meters of housing and the many scandals that sprang up involving the implementation of the regional housing programs, reports.

Among those scandals was the building of homes for veterans with a view of a cemetery in one of the municipalities. The situation required the intervention on behalf of the veterans to relocate them to an apartment complex with a different view.

Initially, Misharin picked Zherebtsov as part of his cabinet. The governor was looking for a long time contender in the Ministry of Construction because the leaders of the largest construction companies in the region had refused civil service. Zherebtsov had previously supervised the construction of several distilleries in central Russia, according to

To the public, Zherebtsov had been known as a curator of the construction industry, and as an official in charge of the beginning of production of presentation of vodka "Yekaterinburg" and force behind the construction of forest parks.