Friday, June 22, 2018

Sverdlovsk man arrested for carrying 200 grams of hashish

A man in the Sverdlovsk region has been arrested for carrying 200 grams of hashish.

The Azeri citizen was caught with the hash on the street, and police later found plastic bags containing more than 22 kilograms of hashish in his house, reports.

In addition the drugs, the man was also found to be storing an unnumbered Saiga-MG carbine and seven 7.62-millimeter cartridges.

According to the Sverdlovsk regional department of the Federal Security Service, the man has been charged and taken into custody.

Possession of up to six grams of marijuana or two grams of hash in Russia is punishable by fine, and possession of more than that amount is punishable by prison term.

The Saiga-MG carbine is part of the family of Saiga Semi-Automatic Rifles, Russian semi-automatic rifles manufactured by Izhmash, which also manufactures the original AK-series assault rifles and SVD sniper rifles. The Saiga rifles are a sportier version of the AK-series rifles, and are marketed for hunting and civilian use.