Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sverdlovsk police prosecuted over forgery, other charges

Sixty police officers in senior positions were prosecuted in the Sverdlovsk region on charges of forgery and other crimes this week.

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Russia in the Urals Federal District conducted an audit of its employees and found numerous violations, in particular that the detective department of the police Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Yekaterinburg illegally refused to open a criminal investigation into the sale of heroin, Oblgazeta.ru reports.

Other cases involved an inter-municipal employee of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs stealing more than $165,000 and a Yekaterinburg police officer falsifying a victim's report about money and personal belongings being stolen from a car and not going through with criminal proceedings.

Additionally, the review found that officers of the Main Department of the Interior Ministry of Russia in Sverdlovsk Oblast did not register messages from area residents reporting extortion and acceptance of bribes amongst police officials, according to Oblgazeta.ru.

In total, the audit identified and set aside more than 3,700 illegal decisions by police not to proceed with criminal proceedings.