Saturday, June 23, 2018

More than 3,800 stray animals rounded up last year in Yekaterinburg

According to an official with the Committee on Ecology and Environmental Administration of Yekaterinburg, there were more than 3,800 stray animals caught on the streets of the city last year.

After capture, the dogs and cats are transferred to a special short-term detention area before being transferred to the Zoozaschity shelter.

Sergei Arkhipov, the chairman of the administration, said that the capture of all the animals is at the expense of the local budget of the State Veterinary Service, reports.

Healthy animals without aggression are sterilized, set with a special chip and given to the short-term detention area to find a new owner. After 21 days, the dog passes into the care of the charity fund Zoozaschity.

"Unfortunately, we have very few people (who) know about this nursery," Arkhipov said, according to "After all, if people want to have a pet, they usually go to a pet store in Yekaterinburg , or buy from breeders. Few people know that another (location) can be found...(pets are) usually rescued and taken to the house of animals differ devotion and love generously pay the owners. In this case we can guarantee that they are healthy and have passed the necessary medical procedures. At the same time we do not leave their wards without supervision...and if you give someone chipped a dog again comes to us from the street, the more such people are given to animals."

Any citizens of Yekaterinburg who are interested in the livelihood of these pets can learn how to help through the Zoozaschity organization.