Saturday, June 23, 2018

UMMC Table Tennis Club advances to European Champions League semi-finals

Yekaterinburg's UMMC Table Tennis Club advanced to the semi-finals of the second leg of the European Champions League with a 3-0 win over the French Levallois.

In the first meeting of the quarterfinals, UMMC's Alexander Shibaev squared off against Lebesson Emmanuel, with Shibaev winning the first set 14:12, the second set 11:7 and the third set 11:6 to give UMMC a 1-0 lead, reports.

In the second match, UMMC's Hou Yingchao and battled Chin-Yuan Chuang, with Yingchao winning 11:8 in the first set. Chuang won the second set 11:2, and then Yingchao rebounded in the third set with an 11:1 victory and an 11:5 win in the fourth and deciding set.

In the third match, UMCC's Michael Maze took on Igor Rubtsov. Maze won the match in three sets, with scores of 12:10, 11:4 and 11:6.

"There are no words to express their feelings. We guess now with the arrangement of the players, everything turned out exactly as we wanted. Luck was on our side," Tatiana Kutergina, the head coach of UMMC, said, according to